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Welcome! What is the purpose of this site? Well, a little over 10 years ago, while I was in first year of college, I created a small personal website where I shared some photos, links etc. It was something interesting to do seeing as I hadn't a clue how to create a website and I taught myself the basics of how to edit HTML / CSS and so on. This site lasted for about 3 years before I retired it and decided to focus on blogging instead. In the mean time, social networks such as bebo, facebook and so on were begining to become popular so I could share photos and links with family and friends.

Recently however, I have become interested in having a small personal site again. I've become disenchanted with social networks which has fuelled this interest. The bigger ones abuse your privacy and most people couldn't care less about this. Despite having smaller networks to try which are far more respecting of privacy, nobody seems to want to change their habits. In an effort to retake my privacy, I have decided to set up another small website so my data won't be bought and sold by a large social media network and advertisers.